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Regroup and conquer

Your employees jump from one software to another, losing precious time launching and logging in everywhere. cloud&more offers SMEs the best technologies under one roof. One login, one URL, one place.


With remote access to all of your data, collaborate in real-time and get instant feedback from any device. Integrate partners or customers with ease! Optimize workflow while reducing administrative overhead by integrating various systems through this one interface - you'll be able to do more without spending so much time on individual tasks anymore.


Seamless communication with your team members and clients. Secure chat solutions while integrating audio/video conferencing capabilities. Webinar recording tools to share the meeting directly from where it takes place.
- right there in real time -

Get it done

Edit documents with coworkers online and design workflows to free your teams from recurring processes. Keep your files organized, up-to date & within budget!


Manager clients and business relationships

We are not just another company that offers CRM or BRM solutions. Our custom-built systems have no code changes and are customizable and scalable, to quickly increase your customer base without licensing issues!


You can finally have everything in one place, within Canada. You are no longer dependent on several third parties for your data security! This way there's no risk that your information will leak. The best part? We are fully GDPR compliant by design, which is currently the highest data privacy and protection regulation existing.

Train your team

Fully integrated E-learning platform that will include web conferences and secure chat capabilities based on modern platforms used by universities around the world.

Be ready to offer the most modern work environment now!

Our Vision

We're leading the way for cloud hosting industry standards so that everyone can regain control of their data and keep your cyber-information in Canada.
Imagine: You regain control of your data.

Get Hugo!

Migrate from all the different tools you are using right now (DropBox, Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, Doodle, HubSpot, AWS, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp …) into one solution. Your own Hugo Hero ©.


You no longer need 10 different cloud solutions and you no longer store your data in multiple locations. And as a result, you reduce your digital carbon footprint by 80%.

No dream!

With cloud&more your imagination becomes reality! We guarantee regional/country data storage and PIPEDA, GDPR and HIPAA compliant privacy by design.

Leading-edge technology.

Solutions are based on products that are well-tested. cloud&more owns its own IP rights and builds usable packages for businesses based on well-accepted and state-of-the-art open-source solutions.

We integrate promising solutions into your existing portfolio and expand your networking and communication options seamlessly by ensuring you always have control of your data.

Normal SaaS products are risky solutions.

Most consumer-grade and cloud solutions, as well various CRM, ERP solutions were not designed with privacy regulations and security concerns in mind.

All these service providers use your data for business analytics and marketing purposes and store it in data centres across the globe, meaning that different governments own your data.

Enterprise IT workloads may be processed by Cloud Providers liable to the US CLOUD Act, meaning your business data can be leaked on orders from the US judicial system, often without disclosure to you.

Why choose Hugo? Get Hugo

cloud&more is the only platform for true Canadian technology, the alternative to the “social dilemma” of owning your data.

We focus on building sustainable solutions and in reducing our clients’ carbon footprint We are challenging the conventional cloud hosting industry and the current status quo. We’re helping everyone regain control of their data in the cloud.

We are your ISP, provider, facility and service partner. Your data will always be yours.

Our unique approach ensures competitive pricing: you no longer have to pay multiple providers and or deal with user-dependant fees. We have a simple flat fee structure which not only saves you money and time, but it also lets you regain control of your expenses.



Up Time

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Victory Advanced Technology

Isaac Barchouse

CTO & Co Founder

I have been using cloudandmore services for several months now, and I have found them to be excellent. It is great to be able to log into a cloud interface that immerses me with all of the online tools that I need, but all supported by a back-end that I trust, because it was designed with cybersecurity in mind, and is stored within my province. I have really appreciated the speed that I have been able to access my resources, it is extremely high performance. It is quite exciting to log in and have a new feature be implemented that makes things easier for me. On top of enjoying supporting a local New Brunswick business, a massive advantage has been the responsibility, where I can ask for a feature, and I definitely feel that my request is considered and promptly implemented. For any tech support required, Cloudandmore has been extremely responsive and helpful, not stopping until my issue has been fixed. The cloud is improving very rapidly, with many new features coming online, and for the features that it lacks, normally because they are specialized to my line of work, having access to a hosted gitlab, and local filesync with my desktop has meant that Cloudandmore integrates very well with my working tool-chain. By integrating Nextcloud services alongside services from other reputable providers, I feel that the quality of programs are excellent, and at least on par with mainstream cloud providers. And the suite is very well rounded, with solutions provided for all of the generalized business needs and more, especially for technical focused companies, such as for software development. One thing that I really like is that when I sign in, it immediately shows me my customizable card-based dashboard, which shows me everything from my important files, to what’s on my calendar, to what are some important emails or tasks that I need to respond to. It is really great to log in and immediately see all the important things right in front of me. In short, after using Cloudandmore services for a few months, I am hooked, and would absolutely recommend you try it as well, either for your business, or as your personal cloud.


Kenneth Gunn

CEO & Founder

As a new Entrepreneur starting out on my first adventure in creating a business from an idea I could not have done so without the guidance, knowledge and support that cloudandMore has provided. To say I would still be in the stone ages with them would be an understatement. cloudandMore has provided me with amazing support, peace of mind and services. From Website design and implementation, web-hosting, email hosting, to completely secure instructor/client portal. "Get Hugo"" a one stop all-in-one solution for my technology needs and data security. With his continued support I am light years ahead of my original timeline for the type of services I can now provide.

Clients and Partner

A short selection of our clients with interesting projects and partners involved.

Who is Hugo

Hugo is the red squirrel that lives in our garden. It is unbelievable what Hugo can do, he protects his territory his food and has an enormous anticipatory behavior to make sure to get through the cold season. Hugo is incredibly dexterous and versatile and has a talent to overcome the most difficult challenges and cover the longest distances with ease. He finds his way even in the biggest traffic.
The name Hugo is derived from the Germanic word "hugi-z", which means "mind/thinking spirit".
Hugo is the first and only fully Canadian office, cloud and business solution Hugo runs 100% on Canadian servers and infrastructure. Like Hugo the Squirrel, Hugo Solution is predictably planned and completely secure Hugo protects your data, your rights, and ensures that you get through the digital dilemma safely.

System Hugo

System Master

Data Hugo

Security Hero

Migration Hugo

Migration Specialist

Innovation Hugo

Solution Specialist

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